Swargadwar Market

Swargadwara means the "Gateway To Heaven" is an ideal place to be cremated and is one of the most beautiful Indian funeral locations. It's located on the shores of the Bay Of Bengal 1 mile to the south to the south of Jagannath Temple and the southeast region and the southeast region of Puri area in Odisha . It is a place to see funerals from an in-between distance. The majority of Hindus believe that should they be cremated at Swargadwara they will be transported to heaven , where they will be able to free their souls. They will attain eternal salvation. Swargadwar is the place of burial for Hindus. It is believed to be the idea that this is the best choice for Hindus to spend their final moments in the sacred site of Puri to be able to go to heaven, which will allow them to free their souls, and ultimately their salvation. Swargadwar is located on the sandy beach towards the south of town. South west of the town.
Kapila Samhita is a reference to Swargadwara is among the seven holy sites on the list where Brahma was in incarnation from Heaven on Earth, along with Indradyumna to honour Holy Trinity. According to the Bible, Daru Brahma is the source of the three major gods of the Jagannath temple. They float towards the shores of Swargadwara.In every Amavasya day, Lord Jagannath goes to the ocean, believed to be the place of the Lord's in-laws. He also visited this sacred burial ground. There is a belief that anyone who dies at this sacred spot in the ocean will be instantly accepted into heaven and guaranteed total salvation. The devotees who take a bath on the Swargadwar beach to achieve mukti's. The mythical story that Brahmadaru floated across the Puri beach on this beach is another legend that is loved by tourists.This holy spot is the place of worship to the goddess Smasana Kali. Kali is the goddess of Swargadwar. Kali is the protector of Swargadwar and acts as the proof of every Heaven soul that moves.