Raghurajpur is an Indian heritage crafts village located in Puri, India. It is well-known for its master Pattachitra painters. This prominent Pattachitra Artist has made a major contribution to the development of Pattachitra Art and Raghurajpur Village. Other than that, the village has many other crafts like Tussar painting, Palm leaf Engravings and Stone carvings.
It also boasts the distinction of being home to the Patas traditional decoration. These are used on the three Chariots of the annual Rath Yatra festival at Puri, about 14 kilometers away.
The main village is situated among palm, mango, coconut and jackfruit groves. It has two streets with 120 houses. These are where the painters reside.It has become a model area for heritage tourism.It is home to the annual Basant Utsav Parampara Raghurajpur, a major tourist attraction.