Gundicha Temple situated in the city of the temple of Puri located in Odisha, India. It is important because it is the site of the famous annually celebrated Rath Yatra of Puri. The temple is occupied with images of the gods that are of Jagannath as well as the brother of Jagannath, Balabhadra as well as his sister Subhadra for seven 7 days (total 9 days, including the end and start in Ratha Yatra) every year during the annual Rath Yatra festival.
Also known by the name of The Garden House of Jagannath, the Gundicha temple is situated in the center of a stunning garden with walls of compound across all sides. It is situated within a distance of approximately 3 km from Sri Mandira temple, which is the principal shrine in the temple of Jagannath. The two temples are situated on the opposite end of the Bada Danda which is the main route to the Rath Yatra.
Apart from the nine-day Rath Yatra when Jagannath is worshipped in the Gundicha temple The temple is not open throughout the year. Tourists are able to visit the temple upon payment of an entrance cost. Foreigners (prohibited entry into the temple's main area) are allowed to visit the temple during this time. The temple is managed by the supervision of Jagannath Temple Administration, Puri, the governing body of the temple's main one. A small group of servants keep the temple in good order.