Sonar Gouranga Temple

Sonar Gauranga temple is an important place of pilgrimage in Puri. It is situated at the Northern portion of Puri town, and is located 3 km far from Lord Jagannath Temple. It is situated on the left-hand side of Chakratirtha Road, leading from Subas Bose Chowk to Penthakota, the village of the fisherman. The Temple is dedicated to Lord Gauranga.
At an approximate distance of around 3 km from the famed Puri Jagannath Temple stands the Sonar Gauranga Temple. It is among the numerous important pilgrimage sites in Puri and is located on the northern edge of the city. It is dedicated to Lord Gauranga. This is a small temple compared to other stone temples that are more elaborate located nearby. Within the temple photography is not permitted. In Chakratirtha Road, it is located close to the beach. The temple is not maintained well and is still a draw for thousands of visitors every year. The temple is home to shrines that honor Lord Jagannatha, Balaram and Subhadra as well as Sri Rama and various other renowned versions from Lord Vishnu. It is tranquil and serene. The temple is the perfect spot for meditation for numerous devotees.