Konark Temple

Konark It is a medium-sized town situated in the Puri district located in the state of Odisha, India. It is situated near the shores of The Bay of Bengal, 60 kilometers from the capital in the state of Bhubaneswar. This is located in the 13th century. It is also called Black Pagoda and is the the most famous temple in Odisha. The temple is a World Heritage Site. The temple is currently in ruin and a collection of its sculptures are housed inside the Sun Temple Museum, which is managed through the Archaeological Survey of India.
Konark is also the home of an annual dance event called Konark Dance Festival which is dedicated to traditional Indian dance styles, such as the classical traditional dance form of Odisha, Odissi. In February 2019 Konark Dance Festival will be hosting its 33rd edition. Konark Dance Festival (now named Konark Music and Dance Festival) is scheduled to host its 33rd annual edition.
Attractions at Konark
Konark temples: designated among the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO, the temples of Konark are the primary tourist attractions, offering a peek into the most impressive work of the lost masonry style.
Chandrabhaga beach is one of the most clean and most stunning beaches in Odisha It is also the scene of drama for a number of the myths associated with Konark. Sun Temple Museum: 14 managed through the Archaeological Survey of India the museum is home to numerous artifacts and other items from the temple.