Marine Drive Eco Retreat

The places within the vicinity of Puri are worth a visit. It is not always the case that we prefer to visit only these spots. Sometimes, our wanderer's soul craves an intimate and beautiful experience with the natural world. The Puri Konark Marine Drive offers the perfect experience of sea on one hand and the coastal forest to the opposite. Between them is an unpaved road that has almost none of traffic - an ideal backdrop for a stunning long drive.You cannot believe that any road can be so beautiful and be among the top attractions in cities until you take a trip along this stretch. However, here is the Puri Konark Marine Drive Road that captivates the hearts of all traveling through.
The enthralling beaches that run along Chandrabhaga Beach running parallel to the forest of the coast are among the top places to visit near Puri. The 35 kilometre drive makes one of the most beautiful marine drives in India and will take you into the midst of nature and offer breathtaking views of the sea's gushing. This driveway is lined with casuarinas which makes it even more relaxing and serene. It's peaceful, tranquil and not busy. The road is smooth and well-constructed and makes travel quick and easy.
Puri Konark Marine Drive offers the stunning view of water on one end and forests along the coast on the other side .In between is an easy road with nearly no traffic . The highways of the marine drive are well built .
An ideal view for an unforgettable drive.There are numerous resorts for beach lovers located along the Puri Konark Marine Drive .You can purchase different kinds of delicious curry at the hotel's counter along the marine drive . It is also possible to enjoy your lunch with friends and family .
Along the way you will be able to stop and make a pilgrimage to Gupteswar Temple, Ramachandi Temple , PanchMukhi Hanuman Temple and Gupteswar Temple . You can stop the ride at any time and snap gorgeous photos with loved ones or your friends . If you're lucky, you might spot some wild animals wandering across the road .