Lingaraj Temple

Lingaraja Temple is one of the oldest temples of Bhubaneswar. It is located in the capital city of the Indian state Odisha. The temple is a landmark in Bhubaneswar, and one of the top tourist attractions in the state.
The Lingaraja is Bhubaneswar's largest temple. The temple's central tower stands at 180 feet (55m). The temple is the epitome of Kalinga architecture.. The temple is constructed in Deula style. It consists of four components, including vimana (structure that contains the sanctum), jagamohana [assembly hall], nata mandira (“festival hall”) and bhoga–mandapa (“hall of offerings”), each one increasing in height in relation to the preceding. There are also 50 other shrines in the temple complex. It is enclosed by a large, compound wall.
Bhubaneswar has been called the Ekamra Kshetra. The deity of Lingaraja,was originally worshipped under a mandarin tree (Ekamra).The temple is actively involved in worship practices unlike many other temples of Bhubaneswar. The temple is decorated with images of Vishnu. This could be because of the rise in prominence of Jagannath. These images are a result of the Puri temple built by the Ganga rulers. Lingaraja the temple's central deity is worshipped in both Shiva and Vishnu. The temple's harmony is displayed between Hinduism and Vaishnavism. Here, the deity is worshipped under Harihara. This is a combination form of Shiva, Vishnu, and Shiva.