Chandrabhaga beach

Chandrabhaga Beach, located three km east of the Sun temple of Konark and in the Puri region of Odisha is about 30 kilometers from Puri. Chandrabhaga beach was once considered to be a natural cure for lepers. Chandrabhaga beach off Konark became India's first to earn the Blue Flag certification. This tag is given to beaches that are environmentally friendly and have been equipped with international standards.
Chandrabhaga coral island, which is located offshore from Chandrabhaga beach, is one of India's most famous living coral reefs.
The mythological reference says Chandrabhaga attracted the Sun God through her magical charm. God came down to find her love. Chandrabhaga was not willing to be married to the God. Chandrabhaga, overcome by romantic pangs, was chased by the God. He succeeded in saving her chastity and jumped into a river. To honor her sacrifice, every year, people from all over the country gather at the river to take a holy dip.
Chandrabhaga may have lost her sacrifice, but the holy shrine where she was buried and the place that is now known as the Rising Sun are still very much alive. It continues to inspire religious as well as meditative activities. It has been a major hunting-ground of poets, artists, lovers. Chandrabhaga's momentary pause is thought to be a great fatigue-healer. Numerous visitors to Konark make Chandrabhaga a positive stop. Chandrabhaga is near a lighthouse.
Chandrabhaga's marine resources are abundant. A large colony of fishermen from migration maximum people belongs to rural areas of Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh beside the dried river-mouth.