It is located 1.5 kilometers to Puri Junction as well as 3 kilometers away from Jagannath Temple, Bedi Hanuman Temple is a tiny beachside temple that lies just to just to the east in Chakra Narayan temple in Puri. Also known as the Daria Mahavir Temple. It is among the most renowned temples located in Puri.
It is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. In the local language "Daria" means Sea as well as Mahavir is a different name for Lord Hanuman. The temple is interesting because of the tale behind the name "Bedi Hanuman". The belief is that the goddess Daria Mahavir shields Puri against the wrath from the ocean. However, after the Jagannath Temple was built, Varuna, who is the God from the Sea was able to come into this Jagannath temple in order to show reverence.
In the meantime , seawater was able to enter the city, causing extensive destruction on the temple. The devotees offered prayers for Lord Jagannath who then asked Lord Hanuman to explain the reason why the sea got into the city in his presence. Lord Hanuman stated that he wasn't present at the time, and was removed to Ayodhya without telling the city of his absence. When Lord Hanuman was informed of his unexpected visit to Ayodhya Lord Jagannath took his feet and hands tied to a rope (bedi) and commanded to watch the beach both day and night. Because his feet and hands were tied with ropes, they are referred to as "Bedi Hanuman'' or "Chained Hanuman'.
The god of the presiding is a two-armed Hanuman with the left hand with a sweet and as well as a gada in his left hand. The walls that surround the temple were adorned with images of various gods. An image depicting Anjana with a baby in her lap is depicted on the western side of the wall, while the depiction of Lord Ganesha is depicted on the southern wall. Pana Sankranti, Hanuman Jayanti, Rama Navami etc. are the main rituals performed in this temple.