Alarnatha Temple is a temple in which lord Vishnu is worshipped and located in Brahmagiri, Odisha, near Puri. It becomes very crowded during the Ashadha krishna paksha, which occurs after the Snana Yatra. When Jagannath is not able to be seen in Puri, it gets even more crowded. This time is popularly called Anasara and 'Anavasara’ (literally meaning no chance to see the Lord of Puri) instead of darshan at Jagannath Temple.

The temple is associated with the Alwar saint Ramanujacharya who visited Orissa. Chaitanya Prabhu spent his time in Puri and used to see Shri Jagannatha every single day. Anavasara saw Lord with his siblings being taken to the hidden chamber for 15 days. However, he was not able to see his beloved Lord. According to legend, the Lord ordered him to go to Brahmagiri to see his other temple called Alarnath. It is home to the Shila from which Mahaprabhu used Sankirtan. Many historians think Alwars may have visited this location once in their lifetime, but Divyaprabandham has no mention of it.

Baal Bhoga is available in the morning. You can also enjoy different types of rice, vegetable and curry curries at noon, along with kheeri, a rice pudding, as dessert. There are many pitha varieties and khichdi served at night. Kheeri Bhoga is a popular and highly-demanded offering to Alvarnaath Swami at Anavasara.