Siddha Mahavir Temple

Siddha Mahavir Temple is situated at a distance of about 1 Km to the North-East of the Gundicha temple . It's a tiny temple which is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. It is an architectural standpoint.In the eyes from the perspective of the Temple, it's not significant, but in a religious point of view, it's a significant part in The Gundicha temple. It's a tiny Temple that is dedicated to Lord Hanuman. From an architectural perspective Manasa was present at one time while the temple was in Puri. Siddha Mahavir is an important place in which the god who is patron saint is respected among the village People. The Lord Siddha Mahavir has been believed to be one among eight Mahavirs who hail from Puri town.The shrine is made with sandstones and stone and is located to the east.The depiction of the Lord Mahavir (Hanumana), the God of the Temple, who is the god of worship is about six feet high. Hanuman holds a gada in his left hand, and a huge rock boulder (Gandha-MardanaMountain) in his right hand. The god has been set on a pedestal which has been decorated to be 2 feet high. The stone that is used to decide on the chief is made with writings from Hanuman figures that have various poses. They are locally considered to be the asta-mallas. They include Sugriva jambu bahana, Bali, Angada, Susena and so on. The three faces that comprise the temple there are a number of images. The temple is composed of Yamaraj, Keshari and Devi Anjana. The southern portion of the temple houses the image of Yamaraja. Siddha Mahavira has been decorated by a variety of sculptures and scenes. The scene depicts an elephant procession , and two royal horses incorporated in the scene have been placed into an inscription in the northern wall or into a niche on the northern wall of Mukhasala inside the temple. The elephants. They are placed between each other, to ensure that there is only one elephant visible in this particular perspective.