Ram Mandir

A distance of 1.5 kilometers to Bhubaneswar railway station, Shri Ram Mandir is a stunning temple that is located close to Kharavel Nagar in Bhubaneswar. It is located in the middle of Bhubaneswar, it is one of the most well-known temples to worship the devout followers of Lord Rama as well as one of the places of pilgrimage that you can visit within Bhubaneswar City.
This temple was dedicated to Lord Rama as the embodiment of Lord Vishnu. The temple houses stunning pictures which depict Lord Rama, Lord Lakshmana and Goddess Sita. The temple is managed and constructed through a private trust, the temple complex also includes shrines to Lord Hanuman and Lord Shiva and various gods. The idols are gorgeous and the gardens in front of the temple are maintained. You can enjoy the entire night with evening aarti in peace of mind and spirituality.
The temple that was recently constructed is distinguished by its massive spires that can be seen from all areas of the city. The main festivals celebrated include the Ram Navami, Vivaha Panchami, Janmashtami, Dussehra, Shivaratri as well as Pana Sankranti. A fair is also held during the celebration of Raksha Bandhan, also known as Rakhi. The aarti that is spectacular in both evening and morning draws many devotees.
Ram Mandir (Odia: raam deull) is an Hindu Temple (mandir) located in Bhubaneswarnear Kharvel Nagar, Janpath is a temple that houses gorgeous pictures that depict Lord Rama, Lord Lakshman and goddess Sita. The spire that rises high above the main temple, which is visible from all parts of the capital, is the primary attraction. It is managed and constructed by a trust that is private, the temple complex also includes shrines dedicated to ochre-painted marble worshippers of Lord Hanuman and Shiva, Lord Shiva and many other gods.It is a famous temple in Bhubaneswar, odisha.