Puri Sand art

Puri Beach is situated in the Bay of Bengal. It is among the tourist attractions that tourists can enjoy while visiting Puri. Bathing in the ocean is considered to be sacred.During October, the months of November., the Puri Beach Festival is held annually. Puri Beach Festival is conducted for five Days through The Ministry of Tourism. The sand art is displayed by numerous sand artists , including the internationally acclaimed locally-based sand artist Sudarshan Pattnaik. The ideal timing to be at Puri beach is around sunset or at sunrise, when the views are spectacular.
Sand and water are the basic building elements that are readily available on sandy beaches. A majority of sand art is found on the golden beaches of Puri that is extremely well-known and attractive. Amazing sand art taken by people who enjoyed the most at the beach in Puri. Odisha is a place filled with vibrant colours, an abundance of culture, diversity, and dimensions offers a dazzling opportunity for the artist. The creative process is completed in this stunningly appealing land, where a variety of opportunities are available. One can paint the diversity of traditions and culture and lifestyles, as well as the different styles of living and living on the golden beaches but the thirst for more doesn't let up. The more you press the button, the broader the field of view. Sand art has the hunger of a thirsty canvas.
Sand art is an ongoing series of events that is held on the pure golden beach. Sand art is a form of art that if we evaluate cost versus worth, then the latter is more important since the water and sand aren't creating the sand art, but of course, the value. Because his innovative ideas are based on different angles will make his art more enticing and attractive.