Mata Matha

It is believed that the Mata Math is located at just a few kms away from Swargadwar Road, Puri, Odisha. The road isn't marked with a name , and it is extremely rough.Just before going to Math, you have to book a taxi or a rickshaw. The temple houses idols of goddess Kali. From here Mata Math was a little distance. The temple's main structure is around 100 years old. However, a devotee of Mata embellished the surrounding area. There were a lot of swans floating in the water, swimming and walking. I tried to find a book or a booklet, but could not find it. After visiting the Math we realized it's worth seeing.
I believe that, without having visited Mata Math, visiting Puri remains in a state of being.You must employ a car or the services of a rickshaw for the travel to and from. There is no facility for returning to the beach even though the distance is 2 kms.