Maa Dakhinakali Temple

Puri is not renowned for its Lord Jagannath temple but for the many sakta temples that are situated both in and around Puri. The sakta shrine outside Puri town is dedicated to goddess Dakshina Kali. The temple is situated in Bira Gobindapur village, and is also known as the "Biragobindapur Kali Temple or Biragobindapur Dakshina Kali Temple'. Biragobindapur Kali Temple is located approximately 19 kilometers from Puri town, on the road that connects Puri to Bhubaneswar close to Sakhigopal there is an alternative on the right part of the highway. Here there is an entrance gate that reads a welcome invitation to visit the temple. Follow this road and 3 kms, you will be at the temple.The temple isn't so important in terms of its architecture however from a religious perspective it is among the most important shrines in Puri.
Kali is regarded as the most caring and kind mother in all of India. She guards her beloved ones from mishaps and unfortunate luck. Dakshina Kali is the most well-known variant for Kali located in eastern region of India. In the local Odia language , the word 'Dakshina' is a reference to a corner or direction in the South. The four possible directions are: East, West, North, South. According to Hindu religion, Yama, the Lord of death, is regarded as the god in that South (Dakshina) Direction. However, when Yama was informed of Goddess Kali's name, he ran in terror, therefore people who worship Goddess Dakshina Kali can be believed to be able to overcome death itself. Due to her horrifying appearance and appearance, Goddess Kali is frequently regarded as a powerful guardian of the universe.