Kakatpur Pothi Place

Tamra" refers to copper, and "Pothi" refers to an oracle. The "Tamra's" Pothi is a set of copper plates constructed from blanks which were thought up and ignited with the aid of the Shri Achuytananda Das, one of the Panch-sakhas. They are also known as the notable seers from the 16th century of Odisha. The five seers of the great era greatly contributed to the growth and development in the field of Odia Literature during that time. It is believed that the Tamra Pothi is situated within the Jagannath temple in Kakatpur which is a small town that is close to Konark situated in Odisha. The reason for the Tamra pothi is the ability to see from its own perspective the questions that a devotee may have in their minds prior to the time the devotee has requested the question in written or verbally, and the 'Tamra immediately reveals the queries onto plates of copper, after which the answers to the question are presented in the 'Tamra' which is the Odia language. Shri Mishra is currently the temple priest who recounts the tale to the devotees. The most fascinating instance comes when "Tamra Pothi" transforms to blank plates of copper exactly the same way it was before the meeting, but after predictions or the answers were given.
Kakatpur is around an hour and a half away from the capital city in Odisha, Bhubaneswar. When you get to Biju Patnaik Airport, Bhubaneswar, you can stay in a good hotel in Bhubaneswar and then you can take a taxi or cab to transport the journey to Kakatpur. Kakatpur is situated near Konark Sun Temple that means that once you've visited Kakatpur as well as it's Jagannath Temple at Kakatpur (where the Tamra Pothi remains) then you're able to head towards Konark which is only 20 kilometers away from Kakatpur. In addition, you can spend an enjoyable time at the famous Chandrabhaga beach which is located close to Konark Sun Temple. Konark Sun temple.