Gopalpur Sea Beach

Gopalpur is a town along the coast. It's located in a Notified Area Council on the Bay of Bengal coast in Ganjam district that is situated in the southern part in Odisha, India. It's now a commercial port, a famous seashore , and a renowned tourist destination. Gopalpur is just 15 km from Berhampur. A new all-weather harbor with new berths and an entrance is under development.
Gopalpur has an ancient sea port which operated during the golden age maritime Kalinga region. It is situated near Gopalpur, a city called Mansurkota near Gopalpur situated just below its mouth Rushikulya.From an unimportant fishing village Gopalpur has grown into a significant trade port. The Soraine family built the port, along with the lighthouse along with the Albert Hotel and established both an industry for the local fishermen and an important trade route to Burma. Gopalpur is now a tranquil, serene region, but with a significant distinction: it's one of one of the most sought-after beaches and has a distinctive appeal that is unique to it.
Just 16 km from Brahmapur, which serves as the major commercial hub for Southern Odisha as well as right next to Andhra Pradesh, is the tiny town of Gopalpur situated in the Bay of Bengal. This beach runs for miles, and is a quiet one, dotted with casuarinas coconut trees, as well as soft sand dunes that seem to be totally empty for miles.

Jetties were built to revive the trading activity which was happening within Gopalpur. Gopalpur port. The former Jetty located in Gopalpur is a well-known tourist attraction that was an important point for commerce and trade during the medieval period. It's an amazing excursion for those visiting the beaches. Also from the Jetty you can see a vast expanse of blue-blue water and the horizon can be seen. Another breathtaking image is the huge expanse filled with cashew nuts. These nuts undergo processing here prior to being shipped out. The most well-known place of Gopalpur-on-Sea is the Lighthouse. From the top, views are spectacular and give you a quick glance at the entire city of Gopalpur. Gopalpur-on-sea is also famous for its "beach festival" that takes place every year. The closest beach is Dhabaleswar which also has a temple of the identical name.
Gopalpur is located in the southeastern part in the Bay of Bengal, around 160 kilometers from Paradip and about 220 km to Visakhapatnam. It is a natural deep-sea port that lies along the eastern shores of India. Gopalpur is located on a four-kilometer strip of barren coastline with no mangroves or tropical forests. The climate in Gopalpur is humid, tropical and dry. The temperature ranges between 32 and 33 degrees during summer and as high as 17 degrees in winter. The region receives rain in both the advance and retreat of the Southwest monsoon. Gopalpur has been the scene of powerful and significant tropical storms in the past which included that of Super Cyclone in 1999 as in addition to Cyclone Phailin in 2013 that later struck Gopalpur directly.