Ramachandi temple

Ramachandi Temple, is located in a stunning location on the banks of Kushabhadra river that runs into the Bay of Bengal. It is located just 5 km distant from Konark in the Puri district in Odisha. It is the temple dedicated to Goddess Ramachandi situated at the mouth of the Kushabhadra River is an stunning scenic picnic spot. It is situated seven kilometers prior to Konark along the Marine drive route between Puri towards Konark. Ramachandi is believed to be the god of Konark and is the most compassionate Chandi recognized. It's definitely older than the Sun Temple at Konark. From an architectural point of viewpoint this temple in Ramachandi isn't significant, however, from a spiritual perspective it is among the most well-known shrines in Odisha. A beautiful Chandi standing on the Lotus flowers in a tiny temple that is hidden by sand mounds, the river's mouth of Kushabhadra and the vast Bay of Bengal that stretches to infinity and a thriving development of Casuarina plants surrounding is the breathtaking beauty of the area. Prior to the construction of the Marine Drive road, the area was closed to visitors from outside.
The picturesque view has always intrigued youngsters, students, as well as picnickers from all over the world. But, since the completion of the Marine dive road, the location is now very accessible. A steady stream of tourists in the state, the neighboring states and even distant locations visit here.Ramachandi coral reef is among the most well-known living coral reefs in India off the coast of Ramachandi temple. It is the best tourist spot and picnic spot in Odisha as well as all over the world.